Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...and All That Jazz.....!

After a lot of hard work, my husband is proud to release his newest recording Children At Play. 
     "The title is inspired by a comment Dave Holland made about his record, Prime Directive. In the liner notes he explains that his prime directive is to have fun, and I see it the same way. Jazz musicians are a lot like kids. They often get to do  what they like best, play. This recording and the compositions on it fit that theme of having fun, at least for me! Take a moment and listen to the track previews, read the reviews, and check out the studio footage."
                               Ben Britton

Learn more about it  HERE! ,  HERE!  or HERE!

(and yes, those are 3 of our 5 children on the CD cover!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An idea

Oh, and may I suggest that anyone looking for more sensory ideas.....  Just go online and sign up to get some catalogs sent to you!  They're free.... and they give so many great ideas for each sensory need.  If you want to buy you can, otherwise just look at the picture and make it!  (Or I'll make it for you!)  Their things are great for all children!  I recently got 3 different catalogs in the mail, and the kids just pore over them!  I only have one in front of me right now, and it's called "Achievement Products for special needs"  http://www.achievement-products.com/

Sign yourself up!

Dieting again....Sensory-wise!

Here we are again....  So much going on.....  Nate now goes to OT twice a week.  It's a place called Theraplay, and he loves it!  We're all learning lots.  Thankfully, my own research has been a great start, and we're just building on that.  A lot of the things we're already doing are just right!  Here's our latest projects.

 This evening Nate, Hunter and I made this.  It's made from a Jersey fabric, and it cocoons him while he reads or plays and gives him the total body pressure.

So stretchy!

Another thing we're doing is lotion and then brushing.  It's an OT brush and we do 10X on each arm and leg.  He certainly calms down with this each night.

Our next item .....  !  This one is out of a spandex material.  It's just a tube that super stretchy, and provides the reciprocating push and pull that he needs.

Hunter enjoyed modeling this!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Part of our sensory Diet....

Many of you know the issues that Nathan's been having lately.  Well, we've been on a serious sensory kick around here lately!  Here are two things that I made.  The first is a weighted blanket.  It took me a couple of hours this afternoon.  The cost was FREE essentially, since I used a queen size top sheet folded in half and some of our food storage wheat.  So, no it can't ever be washed, however I needed it NOW, and wasn't willing to pay the price for one from someone else!  As you can tell from the pictures Nate LOVES it!  He's so excited to go to sleep tonight!  He says that it feels sooooooo good! 
 This next item I made is a one legged stool.  He balances on it forming a tripod between this stool leg and his own two legs to do homework, eat dinner, etc.  If he's not focused, then he's obviously going to fall off!  So because the brain is in constant focus mode for that, it allows his brain to focus on other things also.  Again, he LOVES it! 
                          Can't you just see the calm, relief, satisfaction & happiness, in his face in this picture?!!
                                                                 I love my sensory boy!!

Sometimes we do a yoga ball, and headphones with classical music on during homework time.  That has worked pretty well too!  It's all trial and error!  I Love figuring it all out and seeing how things work for him!

Oh..... and check out this testimonial that I found on BeanBlanket.com.  I made the blanket before I ever saw this, and it gives me renewed hope!  Keep us in your prayers! 
My son is 9-1/2 and has Tourette Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder. He's also a gifted
(high I.Q.) child.  He's always had trouble shutting off his mind and going to sleep, but things really got
bad last summer.  He was staying up later and later, and it would take him 1 - 2 hours to fall asleep.  I
know this exactly, because I had to lie down in the room with him in order for him to feel safe enough to
go to sleep.  (He often has gets extremely scared out of nowhere, even in our own house, even in his
own room, and this causes him great distress.)  It was a very difficult situation for everyone in the

The Magic Blanket has changed all of that.  He now falls asleep in only 15 - 30 minutes, and the other
night, for the first time in his life, he sent me out of the room and fell asleep on his own.  It was so
exciting---something that parents of "regular" kids would think was unexceptional and/or weird, but for
my kid, it took a lot of courage and was a huge accomplishment.  He loves his blanket and it helps him
feel safe.  We took it to his occupational therapist's office and she loved it and showed her boss, as
well.  I passed along your website and hope that you will get some orders from them.

So thank you, from the bottom of this tired mom's heart, for our beautiful blanket.  You should consider
changing the name to "The Miracle Blanket".

Best Regards,