Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Projects in the works....

Here's what the boys each brought their teachers as a 'Thank You' gift before Thanksgiving Break.
 Rolos and hershey kisses!

Here's the beginning of our name cards for Thanksgiving Dinner this year! 
Gary and Felicity did the little feather fingerprints.

a project in the works......

more projects in the works!

Gary's school calendar.....

this pic is for Russ

and another for Russ!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Fall Table Runner

 Ben just loves making up new games to play, and this one was a huge hit!  The three guys played for hours, and then the boys played for hours again the next day!   The duplos were the game field and then little lego guys were the playing pieces.  It was a team game so every little lego guy was  working together to beat the little play-dough blobs!   Dice, and rulers, and laughing!

               New living room arrangement for the winter to get furniture away from the radiators.
Awesome paper stars hanging above my sewing table.....   So many possibilities!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011


Hunter's costume this year was so much fun to make!  Which is a really good thing considering I made it last night so that he would have something he liked to wear to the school halloween parade today!  The first 3 pictures are after the school and then church parties, and so we forgot to put on his chest piece, but you see it later on in the pictures we took before school.  He didn't have his face painted for school though.  As the bus pulled away from the house this morning he put down his window and called back to me: "Best Costume EVER!!"  That makes it all worth it!

Gary's Spider web

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holiday Decor and Projects

Here's our Halloween Family!

 We seriously have the best landlords EVER!!!!   She came up the other day with these buckets of Halloween treats for all the kids.  She explained that they're the grandchildren she doesn't have!  And that they make it all worth it.  We love her!

 Here's Nathan's science project for school.  He chose to do a volcano!  It turned out so amazing!

 The vase of flowers we made for each of the boys to take to their teachers.  We made the vase out of pencils glued on to an empty tin can.  Tied with a ribbon!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Beyblades are the toy in demand at our house these days.  For Hunter's birthday Ben took him out and he got to pick out a toy at the store.  Beyblades it was!  Little tops that have 4 pieces each and you can mix and match them and have them compete against each other in a stadium.   Just to see whose lasts spinning longest!  So much fun!  Ben and the boys have tournaments all the time!  These pictures are of the first night.  I left to go to the Football game and watch Nate and left them playing beyblades at home.... when we arrived home 2 hrs later... yup!  Ben and Hunter were still at it!  you can see from the score sheet that Hunter was doing super well......  Ben -- needed some practice!

Pep Band!

Nate went to the High School last Friday and got to be paired up with one of the High School students.  They rehearsed with the band, and performed with the Pep band for the football game, and marched with the marching band.  It was awesome!   I hadn't been to a HS football game since I was in HS.