Monday, January 31, 2011

A quick catch-up!

Enjoying the first real snow here in PA...a few weeks back.  
(It's not quite as exciting anymore!)

A real sledding hill is something I look forward to someday. 
Until then, this has provided tons of fun!

Coming up to have me help her put her mitten back on.

Looks like Nathan ducked just in time!  Ben and the boys had a great
time out playing together.

Felicity realized that her snake didn't have a tongue like the rest of them.
We promptly fixed that with a beautiful pink one!

The boys' snakes have been around for a really long time.  Felicity just got one
for Christmas this year.  Zepherin will get one too....eventually!

One snow day we made marbled paper.  The boys had a blast!
Shaving cream with food coloring dotted and then swirled.
Press down the paper, and scrape off the extra!

This was one of those projects where I'd like to do it again without children helping!
It's super fun and my turn definitely wasn't long enough!

All laid out to dry! 

Another snow day activity.  Hunter had a blast with this. 
I think we need some more dominoes!

Zephey wouldn't keep still long enough for a non-blurry picture!
He loves his little jumper!

All ready for our weekly pizza and a movie on Fridays.  The pizza part was
finished at this point, and we had just hooked up Netflix through the
Wii, so we were ready for a good time! 

Don't worry -- it's not blood!  She was just painting her toes for the first
time all by herself.   And "no" she had not asked permission!  The mess was
pretty minimal considering....

such a pretty girl!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Christmas highlights!

 Christmas presents awaiting!  This is at our house the Sunday before Christmas.  We did a family Christmas together before Nathan and Hunter left for TX.  We opened anything TO or FROM the boys.
 Nathan really loved his Greek column nightstand!
 Hunter is so proud in this picture!  He made this balance beam for Gary and Felicity in Grandpa's shop over Thanksgiving!

 Also from Grandpa's shop...  Hunter made Gary a knight with a sword and shield, and Nathan made him a dragon!  He was so happy with them!
 Not the greatest picture of everyone at all, but they're all dressed in their Christmas clothes ready fro church!
 Little Zepherin was so cute!! 
 Nathan got his nightstand all set up with his new light and clock, too!

 Fabulous play time with Dragons, knights, wizards and trolls! 
 Such a handsome boy!
 Ben had a gig in Philly that I was able to go to that week right before Christmas.  It was great!
I hear him practice all the time, but it's always so nice to get out and hear him actually "perform"!  It reminds me how good he really is!  He's an amazing saxophone player!!
 We went to Grandy & Papa's house for Christmas.  6 grandchildren 3 and under!  Here's the older 4 frosting cookies with Grandy.
 Gary thoroughly enjoyed himself with this activity!
 We went tubing, too!  So fast and so fun!  We're definitely going to have to go again!
 Gary and Felicity on their tube.   Gary loved it, but I think Felicity was so bundled up that she couldn't enjoy herself as much.  (despite not wanting to keep her mittens on!)
 Gary would drag his tube up the little kiddie hill and flop down on his belly over and over and over.  He didn't want any help from anyone!
 For New Year's we got out the chocolate fountain.  It was a huge hit as always!

 Blurry, but still cute!  Ben had Zepherin laughing and having so much fun!  He'd cover Zeph's face with his hand and wiggle it all around, and Zeph would just laugh and laugh.  It was so cute!
 Just too much fun!  Felicity just loves Auntie Annie! 
 Back at home with her little table and chair set.  When I took this picture I had 3 boys rough and tumble playing together in the living room, and sweet little Felicity just having a quiet little T-Party in her room!
 I love it!
Honey Nut Cheerios and Water!  So much fun!